The Story of the “Home of Golf” Series 6 – Robert Adams Patterson (1829 – 1904)
April 24, 2019 / St Andrews
Introduction In the 1850’s there were only about 20 golf courses worldwide, with most in Scotland. The high cost of equipment meant that it was mainly a game for a few wealthy people. Balls were particularly expensive and they did ...

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St Andrews Golf Club has its 175th Anniversary in 2018: Part 4 - 20th Century and More...
September 06, 2018 / St Andrews
Introduction After the ‘Glory Days’ of the 19th century, the development professional golf and the spread of golf worldwide led to a different era for St Andrews Golf Club. It continues as a private golf club but will al...

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St Andrews Golf Club has its 175th Anniversary in 2018: Part 3 - The Glory Days
July 26, 2018 / St Andrews
Introduction Soon after formation and throughout the second half of the 19th century, St Andrews Golf Club was the strongest Golf Club in Scotland. Initially this was demonstrated in challenge matches, then in team games between clubs an...

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St Andrews Golf Club - 175th Anniversary in 2018: Part 2 – The Minutes, Old Course and “Cracks”
June 18, 2018 / St Andrews
Introduction The minutes of golf club committee meetings are typically uninspiring. However the early minutes of St Andrews G.C. could be quite lively. At the annual meeting of 1844 a new Captain would normally be proposed, seconded and ...

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St Andrews Golf Club - 175th Anniversary in 2018: Part 1 - The formation and setting the scene
June 13, 2018 / St Andrews
Introduction St Andrews Golf Club was formed on the 29th September 1843 by a group of young men who were essentially tradesmen or artisans. Their golf society was named ‘St Andrews Mechanics golf club’. It was the second...

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Historic Golf Tour of Scotland
April 14, 2018 / St Andrews
Historic Golf Tour of Scotland Introduction This tour is ideal for players interested in golf history. It features courses North and South of the Firth of Forth where much of the early game developed. With minima...

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St Andrews Part 5: The Robertson Family
February 19, 2018 / St Andrews
In the early 19th century golf was played with hand–crafted clubs and balls that were expensive and not long lasting. Consequently, the game was mainly played by the nobility and wealthy gentlemen. At this time professionals could mak...

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St Andrews Part 4: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R & A)
January 24, 2018 / St Andrews
Introduction – In Part 3 we introduced the founders of the Society of St Andrews Golfers. Forming the Society in 1754 was a positive action. They became the third Scottish society and were well placed to be an important auth...

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St Andrews Part 3: The Founders of “The Society of St Andrews Golfers”
December 26, 2017 / St Andrews
Introduction Early in the 18th century the first golf clubs were formed and better documentary records of golf history were kept. We are concentrating on the social parts of the story rather than a documentary of events. The Society...

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Learn When St Andrews Became the “Home of Golf”
September 09, 2017 / St Andrews
Introduction Initially when researching St Andrews history I found that in the critical 18th and early 19th centuries the town was in decline and the links were very unkempt. Golf was a minor sport. It looked to me more likely ...

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