Tiger Woods Launches New Company – TGR

Tiger Woods return to competitive golf was highly anticipated especially when he announced a few weeks back that he may play at the Safeway Open. But, a few days to The Open, he abruptly withdrew stating that his game was not up to par to compete.

Woods playing days may be over or not, but he does not intend to just lounge about. On Monday, Woods officially launched his new company – Tiger Woods Ventures (TGV), stating in his website that this was the “next step” and “next chapter” of his career.

“As I work toward returning to the sport I love, I’m also taking the next step in what I like to call Chapter 2: my evolution as a competitor off the course.

“That next step — and my next chapter — is TGR. I’m committed to building a legacy that goes beyond just me.”

Woods merged all his businesses into TGR. His company now includes the Tiger Woods Foundation, The Woods Restaurant, Tiger Woods Design – his golf course design company, TGR live – an arm of his company that organizes and manages event tours, and future business. Fast Company stated that since Woods is the chair, he will be in charge of the day-today operations of the company.

I’m excited to explore the possibilities in design, product development, hospitality, and possibly entertainment,” Tiger Woods explained.

It is also likely that TGR may also start selling golf clubs and balls in future. Rumours indicate that Woods and a group of investors may be planning to buy TailorMade Golf. Well, whatever the case, Woods is determined to see his company succeed.

Woods explained the philosophy behind his new company logo.

Three triangles signify our mindset, method and mastery. And when you look closer, you see that the mark reveals more than what’s on the surface. 

Do you guys see the W? The tiger’s paw? Its stripes? And the abstract ‘Woods’? 

Even three trees because I’ve been known hit into them — my last name is Woods after all. The mark shows that we’re always focused.” We’ll keep elevating what we do, day in and day out, across all of our various businesses. It stands tall no matter what. We are all TGR, thinking and behaving as one.” 

Via TigerWoods.com

“I’ve spent nearly two years developing TGR with my team. And this is what we are about: the pursuit of excellence beyond all limits.

I approach everything I do with a mindset to be the absolute best. The method I follow to get there is inspired by precision, with the end goal of elevating standards and the status quo. And I’m always striving for the kind of mastery that naturally results from focus and a willingness to keep learning.

My team and I have applied these principles — this mindset, method, and mastery — to all that we’ve accomplished over the last 20 years.

But I believe this is just the beginning.

As I enter this next chapter with TGR, I’m committed to building a legacy that goes beyond just me. Because true excellence — TGR’s kind of excellence — knows no limits.”  

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