Ever wondered what it is like to play golf in the buff?

Ever wondered what it is like to play golf in the buff? Well, you are in luck and you can have this liberating experience at a naturist golf course in France! All you will need to do is to travel to Le Porge, France to make it happen by visiting the resort of La Jenny.

La Jenny Domaine Résidentiel Naturiste is a nudist resort where you can mingle with other like-minded “naturists” partaking in activities like sunbathing, building a sandcastle by the majestic Atlantic Ocean, participating in numerous water sports… and playing golf.

Created in 1993, the “golf space” at La Jenny features six golf holes where you can walk among the beautiful French landscape with your golf bag, golf spikes and absolutely nothing else. The resort boasts the distinction of being the “only naturist golf course in the world” because why the hell would you not want to golf in the nude anyway? And that’s not all, there are even golf lessons available from their “club professional,” who will help fix your slice completely in the buff.

If you are not quite ready for this just yet, there are thousands of places in Europe where you will be able to don your finest fashionable clothes and play some of the best courses in the world. Have a look at AGS Golf Vacations and choose from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Spain or Portugal.

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