The American golfer in Scotland: how to ensure a perfect trip

Scotland is known as the ‘home of golf’. As a golfer there is no greater thrill than to set foot on some of the famous courses which have made golfing great! Did you know that – with over 550 golf courses – there are more courses in Scotland per head of population than anywhere else in the world and that no less than three of the world’s Top Ten golf courses are in Scotland?

This means that Scotland is definitely the destination of choice for the discerning golfer, who wants to enjoy the very best of all that Scotland has to offer.
As an American visitor you will find a warm welcome in Scotland. In fact from the eighteenth century onwards many Scots emigrated to the USA to start a new life. So you may even find some distant relatives there.

The perfect trip
Is this your first trip to Europe? If so then arranging the trip may seem a bit daunting at first. One good piece of news is that the Scots speak English, although you may find the Scottish accents in some regions a bit difficult to understand at first!
The key to a successful trip is careful preparation and planning.
In addition to the usual essentials for a golfing trip (e.g. your proof of handicap, golf shoes, clubs, gloves, etc), you will need to plan for a variety of weather possibilities. From a practical point of view, taking the right clothing can make all the difference.
Planning your itinerary is important. Most visitors include some world class courses, as well as smaller courses in more out of the way areas.

Everyone is welcome in Scotland, from singles to groups. Escorted tours are available, as part of your vacation. Dining recommendations can be made to suit all budgets and tastes. The key thing is to plan well in advance, in order to avoid disappointment getting your selected golf courses.

Don’t forget to include some sightseeing, to make your trip even more memorable!
If you need help with any aspect of your golf tour to Scotland, get in touch with the team at AGS Golf They have years of experience in helping Americans to make the most of their golfing holidays in Europe.

By the way, if you are nervous about driving on the other side of the road don’t worry as AGS can provide a transfer service to take the worry out of driving.

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