Golf In The Sun - Portugal: The Algarve Series 1

Golf in the Sun

There are two excellent golf tour areas in Portugal, the Algarve on the south coast and Lisbon area on the west coast. If golf is your top priority then the Algarve is just ahead. For golf, culture and sightseeing you may prefer Lisbon covered in Series 2. Both areas have excellent beaches and a great climate for golf.

Portugal - The Algarve – Series 1


The Algarve is the hotspot of quality golf in Continental Europe and has won awards as the best destination in the world from golf magazines. The climate is suitable for summer and winter golf. There is a high concentration of courses along its spectacular southern coastline.  This is complemented by lively nightlife and splendid beachfront resorts. The province is relatively small, about 90 miles from East to West and 25 miles north to south. The coastal areas are connected by the N125 and most of the way by an AutoRoute. Inland is mostly rural whereas the coastal area is generally quite developed.

The Portuguese offer a relaxed welcome to foreign tourists. They are generally regarded as gentle, good-natured, easy-going, tolerant but sometimes melancholy. Immigration from their former colonies and elsewhere has led to a cosmopolitan population particularly in the Algarve and Lisbon. The Algarve has a tradition of liberalism and adjustment contrasting with the more conservative Northern provinces.


Our top ten quality golf choices are:

Monte Rei North, San Lorenzo, Vilamoura Old, Palmares, Quinto do Lago South, Amendoeira Faldo, Quinto do Lago North, Quinto do Lago Laranjal, Quinto do Cima, and Vilamoura Victoria. The Algarve golf courses can be played from a single base hotel or from two locations.


There is a full range of accommodation available in the Algarve ranging from 5 star and Boutique hotels to guesthouses.

Food and Drink

Portuguese food menus tend to rely on a traditional range of grilled fish and meat, substantial stews and casseroles. Then you have the ever-present salted cod. They are typically served with potatoes, rice and salad.

The climate of the Algarve produces wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh sea fish is plentiful, also crustaceans, eel and octopus. From the interior, the wooded hills provide game such as wild boar and succulent crispy pork is a speciality.

Portuguese wines are growing in popularity and good beer is widely available. Local spirits include ‘Brandymel’ a type of honey brandy and ‘Mehondro’ a strong drink distilled from the fruit of the strawberry tree. Port wine from the Douro valley is, of course, recognised internationally.


Algarve nightlife is terrific with bars and clubs staying open well into the early hours. With amazing views, great music, and speciality cocktails there are lively spots along the coast. DJ’s fly in throughout the summer to host events, and sociable crowds come to the party. The bars and clubs are very informal with no dress codes. There are three Casinos along the coastal area.

Southern Coast Average Temperatures




Jan – Mar

17.0 °C. 62.6 °F

15.9 °C. 60.6 °F

Apr – Jun

22.4 °C. 72.3 °F

19.4 °C. 66.9 °F

Jul – Sep

27.3 °C. 81.1 °F

22.6°C. 72.7 °F

Oct – Dec

17.7 °C. 63.9 °F

17.0 °C. 62.6 °F

For a Portuguese Golf Experience please see our Portugal Golf Tours here.

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