Five key elements of the perfect UK golf tour

We all dream of the perfect golf tour in the British Isles, one that will be anticipated keenly, terrific to experience and fantastic to remember for years to come. However, even for experienced travellers, it can be a challenge to navigate your way around a foreign country.

Good preparation and planning are absolutely essential with any golfing holiday. This is even more important when you are planning a UK golf trip.

Here are some key elements to remember when planning your golf tour.


Passports, money and other important things

If this is your first visit to the UK, make absolutely sure that your paperwork is in order and your health insurance is in place for the trip. When travelling with a group, ensure that someone is responsible for checking any requirements – either for entry requirements or for using the golf course facilities when you arrive – well in advance of the trip; and then letting everyone know what’s needed. Many famous golf clubs require visitors to carry a handicap certificate, for example. This should help to avoid any last minute crises and disappointments.


Consider using a travel agent

Even though booking flights online can seem like the best option, consider using a travel agent for your flights and accommodation. Travel agents’ charges are often minimal (as low as $20 for booking a flight) and they may have first-hand knowledge of hotels in the area. In any case the time saved is well worth it.

If you need more help, specialist firms can provide additional services for a fee, e.g. meeting you at the airport, transporting you between the golf courses, booking tee times and so on.


To drive or not to drive

Did you know that:

  • The vast majority of rental cars in Europe have manual transmissions. (Simply specify an automatic when you book).
  • European cars are generally much smaller than the average car in the US – an important consideration if you’re travelling with sets of golf clubs as well as luggage.
  • Roads in the UK can be narrow and congested. In some remote rural areas, for example, roads are only wide enough for one car and drivers have to ‘give way’ and reverse into a ‘passing place’ to allow the oncoming car through.

Get the picture? Consider renting a mini-bus so that your group can travel in comfort and consider hiring a driver. These steps can be the key to a stress free (and safe) golf tour in the British Isles.


Plan for rainy days

We all hope for wonderful golfing weather. (Sadly, this can never be guaranteed!) When the weather lets us down, the perfect golf tour will include things to keep us happy and occupied while we wait for the sun to come out.  Look for first-rate accommodation, fine dining, and things to do in the local area (sightseeing, tourist attractions, other events) if the weather isn’t great for golfing.


Above all…

Of course the ultimate key to a perfect golf tour is the golfing itself!

Expert golf tours advice

Getting advice from the experts can make all the difference. If you don’t have the time to plan your perfect golf tour of the UK, consider using a specialist golf tour company such as AGS Golf They will help to ensure that your golf tour is perfect in every particular!

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